BSc, MSc & PhD – Royal Holloway has given me it all.

Andrea Briones, PhD

I have been a student at RHUL for a long time.

Originally from Peru, I studied in Texas as a Biochemistry/Pre-medicine major and then decided to pursue my further education in the UK. I chose RHUL on account of its impressive reputation and charming campus; I haven’t looked back since. After the successful completion of my bachelors in Biochemistry, followed by a short period of time at work, I returned for my MSc studies and now I am finishing my PhD at the university.

Living and studying in different places had exposed me to a broad range of opportunities and experiences, however I decided to stay within leafy Egham and made RHUL my Alma mater. Royal Holloway was possibly the best choice for my career as a scientist. Here I have encountered lecturers that through the years have not only helped me understand the intricacies of biochemistry but supported me along the way, in order to accomplish and realize my dreams. University is an exercise in personal, education and spiritual growth. Royal Holloway feels like it has always been home.

I have always felt the support of lecturers, technicians and everyone who is involved in giving their warmth to the department. Here I have met people that have provided me with opportunities, fed my motivation and helped me grow into the individual that I am today

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