Smog off pollution!

Aksa Ali

Shazia Ali-Webber has been leading a campaign against pollution in the city. She, like any parent, is concerned about the pollution that is present in London and the effect this is having on her young children. The developing lungs of children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of pollution and Shazia wants to make the London community aware that this is a real problem. Shazia, along with many other parents from the community, are getting together to reduce the levels in their communities. As part of their research, they put up diffusion tubes around Hackney in East London to test the pollution level. The results were shocking!

The levels of pollution were above annual legal limits within just four weeks! The group is now urging Mayor Sadiq Khan to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone across London to save the lungs of a generation of children. Already, her children and their peers have produced a song called ‘I Like Clean Air’ and performed it to MPs. Whether you want to sign the petition or listen to the song, visit  Sign The Petition

Aksa Ali

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