The Scientists’ Scribe work very closely with the university’s Biological Sciences society; ‘BioSoc’.  Throughout academic year 16/17 both BioSoc and The Scientists’ Scribe are doing vital work to unite the department including both undergraduate students and postgraduate students, departmental staff and academic staff. As a group we understand the importance of engagement. We believe that engagement is something that needs to be addressed from both a staff and student perspective. With these sister, student-led groups, we can bridge the gap that has been missing in previous years and create a community department which includes, supports, entertains and nurtures every individual. These relationships will be fundamental to student life as well as future careers.

BioSoc, run by president; Miranda Reynolds, is aiming to make this year a game changer. A wide variety of academic, extra curricular and social events are being organised to allow for relationships between the department to flourish which is of great importance to everyone.

We are creating a legacy to pass to our successors after graduation that will continue to create significant opportunities for future students. We hope to see many influential scientists in the making.