Creating A Genome

-Jaskaran Dhillon Nine years after the Human Genome Project, 25 leading synthetic biologists, including a few from the original project, have decided to now create an entire genome from scratch. The project, known as the Human Genome Project–Write (HGP-write), first generated interest at a talk at Harvard medical school in Boston. … Continue reading Creating A Genome

Welcome To Our New Website!

It’s a new year at Royal Holloway, and The Scientists’ Scribe has a brand new look! Welcome Week is well underway and our editorial team has had their work cut out getting to all the Freshers’ events and promoting the Scribe.  We’re aiming to expand significantly this year, and the launch of this website is just a small part of it. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, and we’ll continue to produce the paper magazine. The Bourne Foyer has had a facelift over the summer and the Scribe’s new look is going to reflect the cutting-edge research and education in the department. … Continue reading Welcome To Our New Website!

Professor Gange’s Newsletter

Professor Alan Gange, Head of School Welcome to the second edition of the School newsletter for this session. I hope you enjoyed reading the first edition as much as I did. I would like to congratulate all of those involved in the editing and production of this newsletter. As I have said before, a publication like this can only be as good as its contributors, and after such a good start, we need to keep the momentum going. So please consider writing something today! In the relatively short time since the last newsletter, the School has seen remarkable success in research grant awards. Such awards are vital for the … Continue reading Professor Gange’s Newsletter

INTERVIEW: The Glorious Women of the SBS’ Teaching Office

Over the hills and far away, deep down in the backwoods of the Bourne Building, Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm, teletubbies come out to play – except this time the tubby custard is a pile of lab reports, and the teletubbies are our academic guardian angels, the glorious women behind the inner workings of the teaching office – Nikki Moss and Mel Kiukkanen. The Scientists’ Scribe popped in for a chat; and here is what they had to say. SS: Describe yourself in three words. MK: Enthusiastic, Determined and Organized. NM: Enthusiastic, Kind and Reliable SS: When did you first arrive at Royal Holloway, could you … Continue reading INTERVIEW: The Glorious Women of the SBS’ Teaching Office